About 3 Old Chicks

3 Old Chicks is a trio of Boston, MA area musicians that prove age isn't just a number, it's a point of pride.

Patty Keough founded 3 Old Chicks and immediately thought of Buffie Groves and Gayle Picard - amazing professionals - to perform their own solo sets of original music & join each other on sets as duo & trio.

These women always have a good time
and so will you.

Live Shows: 

We are so excited to be resuming life and shows!

August 13 & 14 - Tin Pan Alley - Provincetown, MA



So many are still suffering and sacrificing through these times. 


Please reach out to your neighbors, friends and loved ones. 


Keep in touch everyday and make sure they are ok.  If you can do so safely, offer them rides to get their shots, doctor's appts, pick up their groceries for them, video chat and/or just communicate via phone or email. 


Knowing they are not alone can make a big difference to them.

Please follow the cdc.gov guidelines.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay masked and stay kind.